Emirates Airlines

Simplify Your Travel Experience With Emirates Online Check In Facility
16.09.2013 11:07

Emirates Airlines, one of the world's most popular premier air carrier services, offers passengers an excellent facility known as Emirates online check in, wherein passengers can confirm their presence on a flight through the internet and print their own boarding passes through the official website. The airline service also allows passengers to fill in details like the preferred meal serving, indicate their preferred seat and baggage quantities. This service helps to speed up the check-in process at overcrowded airports and offers them greater control over their journey on an Emirates flight. Travelers can avail this facility on the Emirates website, in the 'Plan & Book' tab offering the 'Check In Online' option.

Emirates online check in must be 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. The airline also provides a mobile check-in service, where the same facility available on the website works on a mobile phone or tablet. For passengers with bags to check-in, the online check-in service mandates that the travelers must drop his or her bag at an Emirates online desk before the cut-off time and arrive at the airport at-least sixty minutes before departure. This is a convenient and useful facility travelers can avail to save time at long check-in counters. A few airlines offer this facility and Emirates is one of the first premier air carrier services to offers this service to its budget and luxury passengers, eliminating the need for passengers to arrive way before the departure time to wind their way through crowded check-in counters.


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