Emirates Airlines

Emirates Online Check in: Lets you save your time!
21.12.2013 16:41

Emirates Airlines, the flag carrier of United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s largest air carrier. Headquartered at Dubai, Emirates connects several destinations across the world making them just a flight away. Connecting 150 cities and 74 countries around the world, Emirate Airlines helps you stay connected with rest of the world. It has been ranked the 6th largest airline in the world in terms of international passengers carried all over. This  is one of the few airlines that has extended its hand over all the six habited continents.

With a well developed online application for booking tickets, Emirates Airlines has helped people save a lot of time. The online portal lets you access flight timings, schedules, classes available and dates on which the flight operates. This facility also entitles you for lowest air fares. Emirates have also allowed online check in facility for its patrons. The Emirates Online check in facility enables the passenger to check in online for the flight 24hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

This facility of Emirates has helped save a lot of time by overcoming the normal check in process at the airport. But remember to check in at least 90 minutes before the departure if you are using the online mode. Emirates Online check in facility is available for up to 9 passengers travelling on the same booking. But this facility is not available for children below 16yrs of age who are travelling alone. So, running short of time? Remember to check in online and save your time!


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